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“47RE / 48RE Torque Converter” Dodge / Cummins Diesel Single Clutch Billet, 47RE / 48RE. #8DX

$ 650.00

47RE or 48RE *

Core Charge ? *

  #8DX. Dodge / Cummins Diesel Single Clutch Billet Torque Converter, without options.
Cummins Diesel single clutch billet converter. Can be ordered with a billet clutch piston with a large oversize clutch. The billet CNC piston will not flex. This converter has a red lining that is 38% larger than a stock clutch. Can be ordered in a lower stall speed with the aluminum billet stator option. The increased power of a modified diesel engine raises the stall speed of stock converters, which is detrimental to vehicle towing performance and drivability. We now offers a low stall stator for Dodge diesel pickup truck owners who have increased the power output of their engines for added towing and general performance.
There is a $275.00 core charge on Dodge diesel torque converters.
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