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“46RE / 47RE Transmission”: Dodge 46RE / 46RH / 47RE / 47RH Transmissions. Level 2 “Viper” Series

$ 2769.00

Gas / Diesel or V10 ? *

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Gas #6V 1 Clutch Billet Torque Converter Upgrade ? *

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 The level 2 Viper transmission comes with all four sets of Alto Red Eagle clutches with Kolene steels plus a direct clutch PowerPack, a Fairbanks TransAction Kit, Sonnax high performance low / reverse servo, Carbon fiber band and a heavy duty intermediate band strut, Sonnax Billet Aluminum 4 Ring Accumulator Piston, Sonnax 16% Oversize Intermediate Servo with Cover and the Power Wedge Intermediate Band Anchor. The heavy duty / high performance torque converter that comes with this package deal can be ordered in stall speeds up to 2800 RPM (gas #6D). This transmission (46RH, 46RE, 46RE, 47RE) is good for any type heavy duty / high performance use up to 500 (gas) horse power using pump gasoline, towing, 4WD, high performance and others. Add torque converter upgrade if needed. The Viper transmission has 7 major performance upgrades. All of this can be yours without a trade-in for $2769.00. Add $250.00 for a Diesel or V10. Add $100.00 for 1996 up 4WD. Add $299.00 for a diesel single clutch billet converter and $576.00 for a diesel triple clutch billet converter. Add $334.00 for a gas single clutch billet converter. The freight runs from $150.00 to $300.00 in most cases. If you buy a 3 clutch diesel torque converter you must buy a billet input shaft otherwise the stock shaft will break. Also a 3 clutch diesel converter will break a stock flexplate. Click on the pictures below to see the Viper performance upgrades.

Performance Automotive and Transmission Center offers our high performance / heavy duty Dodge rear-wheel-drive transmissions on the web. This transmission can be installed  in older 3-speed non-computer cars and trucks for a 30 to 40% increase in gas mileage on the road.

Transmission Level 2 – Viper Level 3 – Mega Viper Level 4 & 5 – Ramzilla
All Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene Steels Yes Yes Yes
Extra Clutches in Direct Clutch Set Yes – 1 Yes – 1 to 2 Yes – 2 to 4
Direct Clutch Drum Stock Stock 4 Clutch 5 Clutch #8D6 or Billet 5 Clutch #5X
Carbon Fiber Flex Band
Extreme Duty Brass Impregnated Carbon Fiber Flex Band Yes Yes Yes
Fairbanks TransAction Kit, Transgo in 48RE Yes Yes Yes
Performance Low / Reverse Servo Yes Yes Yes
Heavy Duty Intermediate Band Strut Yes Yes Yes
Core Charge Included Yes except diesel converter Yes except diesel converter  Yes except diesel converter 
7 Clutch Direct Clutch Drum, 40% more clutch apply area than a 48RE, 75% more clutch apply area than a 47RE 4 / 5 Clutch 5 Clutch Yes 7
Performance 3-4 Accumulator Spring Extra Yes Yes
 Sonnax Billet Aluminum 4 Ring Accumulator Piston, Sonnax 16% Oversize Intermediate Servo with Cover and the Power Wedge Intermediate Band Anchor Yes Yes Yes
5 to 1 Intermediate Band Apply Lever on Diesel Models Extra Yes Yes
4.2 to 1 Intermediate Band Apply Lever on Gas Models Extra Yes Yes
Converter Fluid Charge in Park Yes Yes Yes
Mega Spring for Overdrive Direct Clutch Extra Yes Yes
Deep Finned Cast Aluminum Pan Extra Extra Yes
Performance Torque Converter, Gas Yes, #6D Gas Yes, #6D Gas
Full Size Billet Lock-Up Converter, Gas Extra Extra Yes, #6V
Billet 10 Inch Lock-Up Converter, Gas Extra Extra Yes, #6B
Triple Clutch Billet Torque Converter, Diesel / V10. Add $165.00 for Billet Stator / Add $329.00 for Steel Stator Extra Yes, #8DXX Yes, #8DXX
Billet Lock-Up Torque Converter, Diesel Extra
Gas Horse Power Rating without Nitrous or Supercharger 500 700 with #6B Converter 800+ Gas, Over 1000 Torque on Diesel
All Three OEM 48RE 6 Pinion Planet Gears Yes
Steel Front Planet Yes N/A
48RE Sun Gear and Shell Yes
Sonnax or TCS Hard Input Shaft. You must have a hard shaft if you have a 3 clutch converter. Extra with 3 Clutch Diesel Converter Yes with Diesel / Extra on Gas Yes
10 Performance Alto Red Eagle Overdrive Direct Clutches Diesel / V10 Diesel / V10 Yes
7 Overdrive Clutches, 20% more clutch apply area than a 48RE Yes
5 Forward Clutches, 25% more clutch apply area than a 48RE Yes
22% more total clutch apply area than a 47RE transmission Yes
2003 Up 48RE Internal Parts, Gas or Diesel Some Yes
Level 5 Only – Big Daddy Direct Drum Yes
Level 5 Only – Hard Intermediate Shaft Yes


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